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Top 2 Investments That Can Result In Rapid Growth


Cash flow is critical for numerous medium-scale and small businesses. It is important to find a method that will ensure that cash continues to flow in to keep your business operating. However, how can you find a method for maintaining continuous cash flow without having to draw from your bank account? Client Attraction University's Marquel Russell says that investing in the best methods can help you earn a great ROI to help you maintain cash flow into your business to keep it operating.  

Client Attraction University

There are many individuals who believe that investing means putting your money in Bitcoin, real estate, or the stock market. A different kind of investing is recommended by Marquel. For example, Warren Buffet, one of the top five on Forbes' list, has been investing for years. Buffet and Ray Dalio are two of the world's leading investors. Can you imagine what their average ROI is each year? It is a very impressive 20%. They of course have the money to be able to make large investments. Their returns are in the billions, and does this apply to small business owners? Yes, it absolutely does!

Best investment methods for amazing ROI

There are two investments that Marquel from Client Attraction University recommends that are always successful. The first one is advertising, and the second one is consulting and coaching.

On ads, the average return is 400%. This ROI is consistent. Those who invest in ads regularly frequently get returns of up to 1500%. That is just amazing. However, these returns can be reached if you are smart about your investments. You might not get 1500% ROIs on each investment you make, but an average 400% ROI is something most people would eagerly accept.  

This means that when $1 is invested, you can expect to receive $4 back. This return can be achieved in 30 days. You don't even need to wait an entire year to achieve a 400% ROI. It isn't necessary to invest billions of dollars immediately. Just set aside part of your cash flow and then use it to invest in ads on a regular basis. The return you receive on your investment will more than cover the amount of your cash flow. How often should you invest As often as you possibly can. Why not maximize the opportunity when you are achieving such consistent and high returns?

Your personal growth is involved in the second method. This includes hiring consultants and coaches since they can help to generate infinite returns. Consulting and coaching do not cost a huge fortune, as long as you are an executor. You must execute the plans that they recommend to you to achieve a high ROI. Hiring a coach also can help you get tax deductions.  

Most important of all when you take ac4tions after you learn from your coach that will reduce the chance of you losing money. It will instead increase the potential of immediately achieving an ROI. You can continue to implement what you have learned from your coach in the future. This means making a modest investment in a consultant or coach provides you with future infinite returns.

After you consult with your coach and create your investment plan, you can continue to follow it since it provides a roadmap for success. Investing in stocks and shares is fine, but this is a much more reliable investment scheme.


How Not To Lose Your Money On Ads

Marquel Russell The King Of Client Attraction


How To Generate Instant Authority In Your Current Marketing

 Attracting clients is among the biggest challenges that business owners are faced with. There is so much that goes into operating a business and make sure everything flows smoothly, which means there is not a lot of time left over for attracting new customers. That is why business owners must be creative with their marketing strategies to ensure they were positioned well within the marketplace. 

Client Attraction University

Business owners all around the world are provided with information by this organization on marketing strategies that can be applied to their businesses. There are numerous simple and free marketing strategies that can be applied by any business for marketing its products. However, these techniques are still underutilized because not that many business owners do not know about them. Client Attraction University is committed to helping bridge this gap. The following are a couple of ways recommended by them that can help you create instant authority positioning within your marketing campaigns:

Case Study Videos

One of the most effective ways to attract clients to either your products or service is to offer a free video. When you create case study videos it gives you the chance to demonstrate to clients how the problems they are faced with can be solved. Videos help to develop trust with potential clients. That is due to the fact that prospects are able to see the individual behind the business, which gives your business a human face.

A video also ca be used for marketing your services or products to many people at the same time. There are also no limits to how long you can use the video. If fact, when you post a video on social media sites, they can continuously attract new customers to your business for an extended period of time. Posting case study videos can position you within the marketplace as an expert, which will attract even more customers to your business.  

Content Creation

Another good way to attract clients to your business is to create content that is related to the services that you provide. Content creation ensures that you are seen by prospective clients as a good resource. Content creation can also be done at a low cost and at any time. You can post content on different channels, including YouTube, where clients can access them in the future. It is an effective method for strategically positioning yourself in the marketplace by making sure you are seen as a knowledgeable influencer by customers.  

Your content can also be used to offer your opinions on different issues. Although your opinions might be different from your customers, it will create a platform for stimulating discussions that relate to your product. These discussions will place you in the spotlight, which will provide your business with more attention.

As you start creating content, don't focus on how many people are viewing your content. You could have low numbers but the market's most relevant individuals are definitely the ones who are watching. The goal is converting prospective clients into real buyers.

How To Get In Front Of Clients

Another easy to position your business with authority in the marketplace by getting in front of prospective customers and displaying the products or services that you offer. There are numerous opportunities for getting in front of customers like project meetings and conferences.

You need to be aggressive with your marketing, and speaking to customers individually is a great way to market your business strategically. It will boost your confidence and also set you apart from the competition. All customers love getting personal attention, and it is a very way to convince people to buy from your business.


You can learn so much from Client Attraction University about how to generate instant authority positioning within the market. All of the above tips will ensure that you don't need to concerns about where your next customer is coming from. When applied properly, these marketing tips will ensure that your client list continues to grow.

How a Music Teacher Turned Her Annual Income Into Her Monthly Income

For most people, turning someone's annual income into his or her monthly income seems to be a difficult, if not impossible task that only a few can do. However, with the right mindset, the right determination, and the right guidance, it is actually possible to increase the income that you earn in a month. In fact, a music teacher has been able to turn her annual income into her monthly income with the help and guidance from Client Attraction University.

Finding Success with Client Attraction University

Melody Biggins is a teacher who teaches music to students so that they could get college scholarships. Before joining Client Attraction University, she had little to no idea about the value that she brought to her clients. She had students who studied under her and thought that she will earn more money once she gets more students and that way she could be able to hire people that could help her in her teaching. Nonetheless, Melody realized how extremely low she was paid for teaching music to her students. She could be paid around $100 per month for her service and she felt burned out rapidly in the process. Melody was not able to spend some time with her family, take some rest, or get the financial reward that she deserved for her work. 

However, things changed when Melody began to know more about Client Attraction University and their programs by attending a live event that they hosted. Initially, she was hesitant about Client Attraction University but she decided to give it a shot after remembering what Jennifer Lopez said about wanting something and sacrificing for those dreams. With that in mind, she made the sacrifice and joined the Three-Day Program offered by the Client Attraction University. After that, she was invited for another program and decided to continue with it.

How the Client Attraction Program Changed Her Life

Since she started taking Client Attraction University's program last April, Melody has been able to get around ten clients, including one who paid her $10,000 in full just by having a conversation and positioning herself as an expert. She was also preparing for a recital as well as a waiting list for her potential students who are eager to enroll in her classes. According to Melody, the programs from Client Attraction University has changed her life dramatically in a way that she would no longer have to chase students and clients and instead it would be the students and the clients who would have to convince her why they would be a good fit for her program.

She was also appreciative of how patient Marquel, the CEO of Client Attraction University, and his team was in helping her achieve her goals and dreams. She also appreciated the chance that she was given in proving that the value she offers to her children and to her students are worth tens of thousands of dollars. Through the programs from Client Attraction University, Melody and her family has reaped a lot of benefits since she no longer needed to spend more time finding students and clients. Instead, she now spends more time with her family while adding more income streams for them with her business.

The Bottom Line

Melody also remembered the advice that Marquel and his team gave to her, that she needed to be the most coachable person to gain her desired profits. She also noted about the importance of having to unlearn some things, learn new skills, and apply them in order to get to the destination that you wanted to reach. Since she took the program, Melody's income has been able to reach five figures when she previously earned a four-figure income. She also looks forward for her income to reach the six and seven-figure mark in the future.

If you are someone who prefers to learn and then do things by yourself, Melody advises that you would still need the help of someone like Marquel and his team who has already done it and proven themselves on this matter. Therefore, if you want to learn how Melody was able to transform her monthly income, then you could enroll in some of Client Attraction University's programs and see the benefits for yourself. 

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 Top 2 Investments That Can Result In Rapid Growth


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How Not To Lose Your Money On Ads


Paid ads have lost their appeal to numerous online marketers, new and experienced. Why? due to the fact that the stories of individuals succeeding off of ads have actually appeared to all however disappear other than for a couple of narrow markets while stories of people and companies dropping thousands for virtually no return. Or often literally no return at all.

Client Attraction University Knows Online Advertisements

This is a bad offer due to the fact that the truth is that there is still substantial cash to be made with advertisements. The fact that so many people are doing it severely in fact indicates there's a lot more service to be had for individuals doing it right. The secret is having a mentor who can teach you to avoid the pitfalls while cashing in on finest practices that will deliver tangible outcomes.

Client Attraction University is everything about offering you the full bundle. Not simply the tools and actions today, however comprehending the concepts to adjust whenever the market modifications.

Why Do Businesses Lose Their Money on Advertisements

The fact is that many people are losing money on ads since of a couple of crucial information. These may appear little however they have a big result on the bottom line. The days of being able to throw up cheap non-optimized advertisements without any tracking or enhanced sales funnels and getting big returns are over.

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That being said, there are still a lot of money to be made by individuals and companies of all sizes. The first step is getting aid from an experienced mentor or group of experts like those at Client Attraction University who can help guide you to make certain you're not making these critical errors.

Mistake # 1: You Don't Have a Pixel Setup

How are you tracking results if you don't have a good pixel setup? Do not count on after the fact analytics to attempt to see what's working. You need reliable early information to act and adjust when you see what's working and what's not.

Information is very important. You need the ability to track what ads are getting clicked, which advertisements are working. How are you going to do correct A/B testing without the correct information? The brief response is that you're not which means you are likely working with ads that aren't totally optimized.

If you don't know how to setup a pixel, you need to learn. At least you require to if you wish to generate income from your online advertisements.

Mistake # 2: There Is No Marketing Funnel in Place

If you drive traffic to a generic site, blog site, or basic page, you're not going to see major results. You need the traffic going straight to a product, sale, or deal that is going to encourage a sale. You can have the very best sales funnel worldwide on your blog site, however if it's buried on a specific page and your advertisement is driving people to the home page, 99% of the time they're not going to do the work to take a look around and stumble onto that page.

You need a marketing funnel that you can check, optimize, and make the sale. That's where your paid advertisement traffic requires to be going.

Mistake # 3: Have the Right Deal in Place

The much better the match, the better the conversion. You need to take advantage of each customer willing to provide you a possibility. There shouldn't be a one time sale, but a follow up. Sell the book, then offer coaching or a course. Offering a course? Have training, a membership website, or even one on one mentoring after that.

If you do not have a hot ticket back end offer, you're shooting yourself in the foot.

What Are You Waiting on?

Preventing these errors will go a long method to ensure your advertisements pay. Take a look at the free resources being offered at Client Attraction University to get the complimentary playbook on how to ensure your ads stay profitable!

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Marquel Russell The King Of Client Attraction Helps Entrepreneurs Land High Paying Clients


It can be argued that Marquel Russell is the very best at helping provider, experts, and coaches with bring in high-ticket clients.

Call the King of Client Attraction, Russell is a coach, speaker, and quick business development strategist, in addition to being the creator and developer of Client Attraction University, a marketing consultancy firm.

Russell, along with his group, has assisted their customers with scaling their organizations to more than $20 million in revenue to date. 2020 has actually been an outstanding year at Client Attraction University. The second-quarter profits of the business doubled this year's first-quarter numbers.

How does he do this? Russell credits his success to the fact that he focuses on providing assist with a core company require that all organizations require - no matter which market they belong to - which is list building. To take things a step further, Russell does not just sell leads to his clients, he helps them with understanding and constructing their customized options, and also deals with customers to automate this procedure to conserve them time.

Russell states 534,000 companies are begun monthly. Regrettably, 8 out of 10 start-ups end up failing within the very first 18 months. The major reason is that they do not understand how to get customers on a constant basis. The fundamentals of service is discovering a huge issue and after that offering an option for it.

When organizations are not able to get clients and are forced to close, they can not hire anybody or pay their workers. This is a major problem. We decided we would plant our flag and go full-blown in fixing this substantial problem. That is how Client Attraction University was born, Russell adds.

Russell loves to help people at his core by assisting them with their company pursuits. A dedicated business owner, he has actually sharpened his knowledge and experience by the vast array of general service and networking experiences that he has acquired for many years.

However, Russell didn't constantly delight in a life loaded with high-ticket clients. He desired more and to not let the environment that he matured in limit him. At a young age, he required to the streets and needed to earn money in whatever methods he could. He had a rough childhood, nevertheless, Russell informs his story hoping it will inspire people who come from comparable situations.

Russell states, my mother raised my 2 sisters and me on her own. I ended up on the streets when I was really young. I was a business owner from the beginning, from cutting lawn to taking the garbage out in my area, and ultimately, I started to offer drugs. In the tenth grade, I left of high school. So I ended up with a GED and got a ninth-grade education.

To much better his scenario and range himself from his existing way of life, Russell took the money that he made from his hustling and utilized it to money other organization ideas that he had.

Russell states, I then began my own entertainment company. I did club promos, artist management. I did marketing and other things that I didn't realize it. I promoted clubs in Atlanta, which led me into network marketing.

A buddy of Russell's introduced him to a network marketing business. Although he delighted in the concept, he quickly recognized that there were extreme limitations to the number of people that he could physically network with. In addition, much of the people he spoke to did not rely on the item he was attempting to sell, and costing celebrations and in clubs was not efficient. Russell searched for a much better business, and in 2011 entered the worlds of online marketing and affiliate marketing. He wound up falling for generating income online and he learned how to produce huge varieties of customers via direct action marketing, and discovered how valuable I was offering organizations with a constant supply of brand-new customers.

Russell's skill for direct response marketing and his process resulted in constant success, to the point that a number of contacts and customers from his network began to ask concerns. Their interest resulted in him creating courses and other types of educational material. However, soon after that, the educational pursuits of Russel's continued to evolve since individuals kept asking him to speak at their occasions or provide business coaching.

In fact, there were many individuals who were asking him that he had to capitalize on this huge opportunity. Russell leapt in and in the beginning charged low fees to establish his training skills. He got the ball rolling quickly and had a real skill for teaching individuals how to duplicate the methods that had made him successful. Russell wound up scaling his business to $100,000 in month-to-month revenues and developed a six-figure organization.

With the success that Russell delighted in with Client Attraction University, he left one of the leading mlm business as its lead manufacturer and went full-time into client acquisition. His other half was likewise able to retire. It was an excellent for Russell, as he continued to accomplish fantastic success within the internet marketing world. Client Attraction University has assisted its customers to earn more than $20 million in revenue and has employees who work remotely across the nation, and has some worldwide team members too. It has customers across the United States, in addition to the UK, Ireland, Tanzania, and Canada.

In addition to Client Attraction University, he also teaches his client attraction concepts via his podcast called the School of Client Attraction. Russell also uses The Lucrative paid Ad Playbook and other free instructional content. Like lots of other teachers within the online arena, Russell likewise supply a lot of important free guidance on his social networks accounts. He has actually grown them to almost 30,000 followers on Facebook, 13,000 followers on Instagram, and more than 2,000 YouTube followers.

To find out more about how Client Attraction University can assist you with producing the ideal system to predictably and regularly bring in high-ticket customer leads, visit their website here. See Marquel Russell's LinkTree here for more information about him.

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